Abstract Landscape Triptych

I recently completed an abstract landscape triptych in which, unintentionally, used a different mix to create the whites in the sky. When viewing the three panels together in real life, the white variation isn’t so obvious. But when my photographer setup the triptych for shooting, the result showed a different scene.

The error on my part was the mix in paints. I initially stressed out that the work wasn’t what I had intended but as time went on, I have come to embrace the difference in the whites, seeing it as the the one panel of three that calls for attention.

Much of art is about acceptance of it’s flaws, and in fact, an embracing of these flaws. Though there are pieces I’ve created where the flaws are outright flaws, it is important to me to let some time pass and re-assess these flaws before labeling them as failures.

There truly is beauty in some beasts.